Team Building

For Team 4+ People

Horseback Riding Team Building

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Unlimited Drink
Intro Tour
Horseback Riding
Team Building
3 Hours

You’re allowed to

bring carrots or apples and feed the horses.


A team must have 4 or more people.
Several guests share the time of riding one horse.
We adjust the number of horses to the number of guests so that each guest has an opportunity to learn the basics of riding and take photos.
Must be booked in advance.

Typical Workflow

  1. Starts at the agreed time.
  2. Introducing and welcome drink.
  3. Tour of the club with a guide.
  4. Horseback riding including team building taskas.
  5. Photo and video session.
  6. Lunch or grill (optional).
  7. Ends at the agreed time.

Horseback riding is done in an open type arena, situated in a natural environment, with a view of the forest and mountains. All guests have an opportunity to learn riding basics: how to get on and off the horse, how to control the horse (walk, turn, halt). After a few minutes, you are able to control the horse on your own. It’s the perfect time for a photo and video session of you on the horseback, and team building taskas. We will send photos afterwards. While waiting for your turn to ride, or if you finished, you can rest in a large tavern, walk along beautiful trails in the forest, play table tennis or try some of our cowboy games.


Croatian and English

WhatsApp, Viber, SMS or Phone Call:
+387 63 344 882
+387 63 570 090

Bank Account


UniCredit Bank dd
Kardinala Stepinca bb
88 000 Mostar, B&H



Livno Horse Riding

Croatian name:
"Konjicki klub Livno"

Registration number:

ID: 4281228600001